OPINION: Power of Jazz Music, but All Types of Music

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Through the light of everything that has happened this week, music has the power to change all of it around in a positive manner.

On March 3, I ventured to Sursa Performance Hall to watch the Ball State Jazz Lab Ensemble I perform. It featured Jeff Coffin on the saxophone. This performance was definitely one of the best performances here.

But before Coffin even stepped onto the stage, two high school jazz bands performed. Throughout the day, 24 high school bands performed in front of judges for the High School Jazz Band Festival. Then, after evaluating all of these bands, the judges narrowed it down to two bands. Those bands were Bloomington North and North Side high schools.

Throughout the performances, I observed that this type of music, if not all types of music, can rejuvenate someone from the brink of death. I wasn’t feeling too well this week, but after I saw these bands perform, I found my passion and love for journalism again. I also felt very good afterward, even though I stayed up until midnight.

Thanks to the power of music, it has changed my mindset and has rejuvenated me to a hundred percent. Music has the power to both change the world and the lives of people.


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