About Me


In this photo, I’m interviewing a senior track and field athlete from Shelbyville High School. This athlete is coming off an injury from his junior year.
  • Senior at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana
  • Three years experience in coverage of collegiate sports and photography
  • Six months experience with a professional news organization (The Shelbyville News)
  • Friendly, timely, kind and professional

Patrick Murphy is a senior at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. He will receive a Bachelor’s in Art for Journalism News from the School of Journalism and a minor in Creative Writing in the School of English Studies.

For the past six months, Patrick has been enjoying an internship with The Shelbyville News (TSN). With this internship. he has written various stories and taken photos as well. The Sports Editor, Kristopher Mills, is very pleased with Patrick with this internship. With TSN, Patrick has written stories ranging from girls gymnastics to midget car racing. What he has enjoyed about this internship is he can cover a wide variety of sports, without feeling obligated to just a few sports.

For the past three years, Patrick has worked for the Ball State Daily News. With the BSDN, he has covered both the women’s and men’s swim and dive, men’s and women’s tennis and numerous photos of each. With the Daily News, Patrick received coaching from numerous Sports Editors. What he enjoyed about the Daily News was he could cover sports for which aren’t covered much in mainstream news organizations.

In his free time, Patrick enjoys playing competitive pool, reading, playing with his cat (Petey) and spending time with his family.

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