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In this photo, Patrick Murphy is interviewing a senior track and field athlete from Shelbyville High School. The athlete is coming off an injury from his junior year.
  • Sports Editor at The Rochester Sentinel
  • Spent a year in Natchez, Mississippi as the Sports reporter, photographer, page designer and Tracings guru
  • Wrote more than 300 articles written at The Natchez Democrat (mixture of both news and sports)
  • Awarded third place in the Mississippi Press Association in July 2019
  • Three years experience in coverage of collegiate sports and photography
  • Friendly, timely, kind and professional

Patrick Murphy is the Sports Editor at the Rochester Sentinel. He took the position on Oct. 9, 2020 after spending more than a year in Natchez, Mississippi. He was the sports reporter, photographer, page designer and Tracings guru at The Natchez Democrat. where he wrote more than 300 articles, ranging from sports to news and photos to along with the stories. Besides taking photos to accompany his sports reporting, Murphy has been involved in design and page production.

In July, Murphy was awarded third place in the Mississippi Press Association Better Newspaper contest. The story was about an area cheerleader earning an award from one of the local area hospitals.

During the COVID-19 pandemic when high school sports were shut down in March, Murphy switched over to news reporting. The stories ranged from hotels reopening to a Walmart manager donating supplies to the local fire department to a funeral for a twin brother.

In the winter of 2019, when one of the local football teams advanced to the state championship in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, he was given the opportunity to do the reporting. It was an amazing experience and helped deepened his interest and respect for sports journalism.

In May 2019, Murphy graduated from Ball State University and earned a dual bachelor’s degree in telecommunication and journalism (news) with a minor in creative writing. He was part of the Ball State Daily News for three years, covering tennis, swimming and diving. He also took photos to accompany the sports stories too. This was where his passion for sports reporting began.

In his free time, Murphy enjoys playing competitive pool, reading, playing with his cat (Petey) and spending time with his family.

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