OPINION: Analysis over Evan Lepler’s “Tuesday Toss: 2018 Championship”

Link to Evan Lepler’s article: https://theaudl.com/league/tuesday-toss/2018-audl-championship-weekend-recap

At the beginning of the semester, I selected Evan Lepler, a sports reporter that focuses on the American Ultimate Disc League. Over the course of the semester to this point, I have watched Lepler post some outstanding articles. One of the articles is his final Tuesday Toss, which is a recap of what happened at the 2018 AUDL Championship weekend. This is what I liked about the article.


What stands out to me about this article is the different headlines for each of the sections that Lepler writes about. For instance, after he talks about a team that won the championship, Lepler has a headline which states: “The Outside-In.” In this section, he talks about another team, which I like. For each of these sections, he really gears in on a specific team to talk about and only highlights that team. Another element of his writing that I like is the use of videos and social media.

In the first section, where he talks about the team who won the championship, Lepler uses highlights from and posts from Twitter to help his narrative. For example, in the link provided: (https://youtu.be/3neIbSL-15o), Lepler shows the highlights of a game which was part of the AUDL Championship weekend. This is something that I want to include in my stories: videos. With videos, the readers can also view what happened in any given game.

Example of Tweets from Evan Lepler's chosen article
A tweet from Evan Lepler’s “Tuesday Toss: 2018 Championship.” This tweet is from a Dallas Roughnecks player, who was part of the 2018 AUDL Championship Weekend. Uploaded by Patrick Murphy

Also, throughout the article, Lepler also includes photos from various Twitter accounts.  In the image on the left, one of the players for the Dallas Roughnecks, who were one of the teams part of the AUDL Championship weekend, live-tweeted what happened with his team. I really like this because Lepler can relate to his target audience, who also follow the teams throughout the season. One of the aspects of Lepler’s writing that I disliked was his comments on his traveling.


One of the sections that I didn’t like was his “Traveling Tales.” For this article, I didn’t really find it necessary for Lepler to talk about what he has been up to on the road. What I really wanted to know was about the teams who traveled to Madison, Wisconsin and how they felt about traveling there. I didn’t want to hear what the reporter was doing on his traveling days. That is something that I disliked about this article.


Overall, Evan Lepler stands out as a reporter for ultimate frisbee. Two of the parts that I liked about his writing was the use of social media and the different section titles. From this article, I would like to implement into my writing is videos and social media content. With these tools, I can become a better sports reporter.

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