Ball State swim and dive White team defeats Red team in Intrasquad meet

At the first co-ed intrasquad meet of the new 2018 Ball State swimming and diving season, the White team defeated the Red team, 231-217.

This intrasquad meet did one thing, according to head coach Jeremy Agnew.

“Number one, I think the freshmen it’s just a great learning experience to get the flow of a meet,” Agnew said. “It was a relaxed environment, so I think everyone felt pretty freely to get out there and go race.”

The Red team jumped out to an early lead, winning the first five events of the intrasquad meet. From the first half of the meet after event 13, the Red team won eight events while the White team won five. One of the events that stood out from the first half was the men’s 150-yard backstroke relay.

Junior Ben Andrew (foreground) and sophomore Spencer Ball (background) prepare to start in the men’s 150-yard backstroke relay at the Red & White Intrasquad meet. Last season, Andrew earned his second letter at Ball State while Ball earned his first. Photo by Patrick Murphy

In this event, junior Ben Andrew propelled the Red team to an early lead, finishing the first leg in a time of 25.45 seconds. Then, freshman Ryan Short dove from the blocks and began the second leg of the relay. In the end, Andrew’s relay won the event, beating the White team by one minute and 33 seconds. According to Andrew, this meet was all about having fun.

“It was a good chance to get the team grouped together and cheer each other on,” Andrew said. “The events that we raced weren’t real events we will swim. They are fun to race and you don’t have pressure on you.”

 Overall, the White team won 14 events while the Red team won 12 events. The goal for this meet was to bring both the women’s and men’s teams together as one. According to senior Mikayla Dostall, she liked the opportunity to train with the men’s team.

“Just throughout the week, the practices we had, the red team we all just really bonded,” Dostall said. “I got to talk to a lot of the guys on the men’s team that I don’t normally talk to.”

Both men’s and women’s team are back in action on Oct. 13 at the Indiana Intercollegiate meet in West Lafayette, Indiana.

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