OPINION: Why I decided to follow Evan Lepler

Evan Lepler is a graduate of Wake Forest and covers ultimate frisbee for the American Ultimate Disc League. He’s also a color analyst for ESPN3 broadcasts. Photo downloaded by Patrick Murphy

Evan Lepler, commonly known as the “Voice of Ultimate,” is the journalist that I chose to follow for this semester. Lepler is the color analyst for most ultimate frisbee games and also contributes to the American Ultimate Disc League. One of the most important aspects about Lepler is he’s covering a sport that’s not well known to people.

  On the AUDL website, Lepler writes most of the articles. His latest article is about the 2018 AUDL Championship. In this article, he uses both text, videos and photos to entice readers to read more about what happened at this championship. He also uses various links to his other articles about the matchups and the championship itself. Another key aspect about Lepler is his presence on Twitter.

On Twitter, Lepler has 4,211 followers and has tweeted 15.3 thousand tweets. This is what I want to accomplish in my career. I want to have all of these followers to see my articles, videos and photos. One of the aspects Lepler doesn’t do so well his is ability to tweet more often. I observed his last tweet was from Aug. 22. A week has gone since he hasn’t tweeted. What I want to do is be more prominent on Twitter and learn what my followers want to read.

The aspects that I admire about Lepler is his ability to write about a not well known sport. He writes a variety of articles, uses videos and photos with previews, recaps and features. Another interesting aspect is his ability to use a variety of tools, like using a podcast. The least aspect that I admire is his presence on Twitter. For me in the future, I would like to strive for being prominent on Twitter, using photos and videos and writing articles for all non-sports persons.

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