Indianapolis AlleyCats finish season in Madison for AUDL Midwest Championship

After a season of ups and downs, the Indianapolis AlleyCats squared off against Madison Radicals in the American Ultimate Disc League Midwest championships. This was the second time in franchise history the AlleyCats made it this far.

The first quarter didn’t go the way the AlleyCats wanted. On offense, it threw the disc away or to Madison three times. These lead to easy scores by Madison. At the end of the first quarter, Madison led 5-8.

Indianapolis AlleyCats Photo 1
Kip Curtis leaps for the disc in the American Ultimate League Midwest divisional championship game against Madison Radicals. This was the second time the AlleyCats were in the Championship. Photo by Mike Gross

In the second quarter, the Radicals began it with the disc. The Radicals scored the first point, but then the AlleyCats scored the second on a pass from Travis Carpenter to Kegan North. At halftime, the AlleyCats trailed the Radicals, 14-10.

But the AlleyCats could not overtake the Radicals. The final score of the game was 27-18. AlleyCats finish the season with 12-4 record. This was the first time the AlleyCats obtained over 10 wins in a season. Rick Gross led the team with 28 Ds while Cameron Brock led the offense with 58 goals and 31 assists.

Meanwhile, the Radicals claimed its fifth consecutive Midwest divisional championship. It will face Los Angeles Aviators in the 2018 AUDL Championship Weekend VII. The Championship Weekend starts at 5 p.m. on Aug. 11 in Madison, Wis.

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