Indianapolis AlleyCats face Madison Radicals for top two spots in the Midwest Division

In a rematch from week 4, Indianapolis AlleyCats (7-2) have another chance to win against the 2017 Midwest champions.

In this matchup, the AlleyCats need to stop the Radicals, as they are on a three-game winning streak.


On May 25, a 13-year-old opened fire at Noblesville West Middle School, injuring two students and teacher.

Noblesville strong.jpg
Indianapolis Colts players and coaches wear “Noblesville Strong” t-shirts, during practice after May 25. The Indianapolis AlleyCats invites the Noblesville community to its June 17 home game against Madison Radicals. Photo by

Since then, the Indianapolis Colts have worn t-shirts that read “ Noblesville Strong.” The AlleyCats plan to invite the Noblesville community into Grand Park Events Center for free and onto the field for the opening pull.

Josh Fairbanks, vice president of Operations, said he hopes to provide Noblesville students a memorable experience.

“When darkness reveals itself, it’s up to people to come together to shine the light,” Fairbanks said. “We support and are dedicated to our local Indy communities, like Noblesville. This is our chance to offer a small token as a way to help the students and staff forget the horrible experience.”

Students will also receive the chance to tour the stadium, throw with players and take photos with the team. While all of this is before the game, the AlleyCats need to win against the Radicals


Going into today’s game, the Radicals and AlleyCats are in first and second place in the Midwest Division, respectively. If this holds, then both teams will earn spots into the playoffs.

In last week’s “Game of the Week,” the AlleyCats came up short against the Minnesota Wind Chill, losing 22-18.

Leading the team offensively was Rick Gross, who scored seven goals and 27 catches. This season, Gross is second on the team with 36 goals in the season.

On the flip-side, four players (including Gross) tied with two Ds in the game. Gross leads the team with 22 Ds. The AlleyCats need to end the Radicals winning-streak.


Since losing to Raleigh Flyers on May 26, the Madison Radicals (9-1) are on a three-game winning streak coming into today’s game.

Yesterday, the Radicals defeated Pittsburgh Thunderbirds, 25-21. Leading the way on offense was Avery Johnson, who scored five goals with 21 catches in the game. Johnson is fifth on the team with 13 goals this season.

On defense, Peter Graffy and Anson Reppermund swatted and earned three Ds each in the game. Graffy is sixth on the team with eight Ds while Reppermund is tied for seventh with six. Those are key players for the AlleyCats to stop on offense and defense.

The game starts at 5 p.m. on June 17 at Grand Park Events Center in Westfield, Indiana.

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