Indianapolis AlleyCats leave southside for northside indoor stadium

Roncalli Stadium
The Indianapolis AlleyCats have played at Roncalli Stadium for four years. Now, they’re leaving for Grand Park Events Center on the north side of Indianapolis. Uploaded by Patrick Murphy

For more than four years the Indianapolis AlleyCats, a professional ultimate-frisbee team, have called the south side their home. Now, the AlleyCats head to the north side for an indoor stadium in Westfield, Indiana.

During their four years, Roncalli Stadium has been their home. Head coach Eric Leonard said one feature he’s going to miss is “the way the sun sets over the end zone.”

“The sun is blinding during the first quarter of our evening games,” Leonard said. “It’s a definite home-field advantage that visiting teams have a hard time adjusting to.”

The AlleyCats started playing at Roncalli in 2014. Before then, it played at its home games at Kuntz Stadium in Indianapolis. In their first year, the AlleyCats won the American Ultimate Disc League championship and captured the Midwest Division crown.

From 2014-2017 at Roncalli, the AlleyCats amassed a record of 29-27. Kyle Cox, who has played on the AlleyCats since their inaugural season, said: “the facility is great and the staff is very supportive.”

I love the fact we have food trucks for the fans and I think the fans like being close to the field like they are now,” Cox said. “It’s great to be able to go through a high five line at the end of the game because that’s how close you are to them.”

This season, the AlleyCats closed their homestand at Roncalli with a 27-18 victory over the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds. One of the seasons that stood out to Cox was its first season.

“Just because it was all so new,” Cox said. “I think a lot of the players we have now went to a lot of those games to watch. It was special to be a part of that team.”


Grand Park
On the north side of Indianapolis, Grand Park Events Center is one of the largest sporting complexes in the world. The facility includes three full-sized professional turf fields. Uploaded by Patrick Murphy

The AlleyCats new home field, Grand Park Events Center, is 32.8 miles away from Roncalli Stadium in Westfield, Indiana. This indoor stadium is one of the largest sporting complexes in the world. The facility includes three full-sized professional turf fields, a spectator lounge and locker facilities. Leonard said, “ I’m excited to play our home games at Grand Park.”

“The atmosphere should be incredible,” Leonard said. “The gameplay should be very fast-paced.”

The AlleyCats first home game at Grand Park Events Center is on May 13 against the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds.

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