Robert Segovia: Cubs Fan for Life

After waiting for 108 years, the Chicago Cubs won their third World Series title. And this fan has been alive for 19 of those years.

Sophomore Robert Segovia, who is a Journalism major, has been a Cubs fan since he was four years old. Segovia said it started when his sister became a rival of the Chicago White Sox.

“She was happy for me because as a Cubs fan I really wanted to change teams, like often because they were bad for so long,” Segovia said. “But I kept with the Cubs.”

This fandom of sports had not sprung from his parents.

“They would watch from time to time or they would take me to games,” Segovia said.

With the love of sports, it goes hand-and-hand with Segovia’s life in high school. He was awarded “Man of the Year” when he was a senior.  Segovia said he was an all around good student.

“I was a part of the baseball team, the Poetry Slam team,” Segovia said. “I did Shakespeare acting and was in an Acapella choir.”

Since coming to Ball State, Segovia has been a part of WCRD News and NewsLink. He said his dream job would be to have his own radio show.

“But the ultimate dream job would be a Cubs radio announcer or PA announcer or something like that,” Segovia said.

Like the legendary Cubs radio announcer Harry Caray. Segovia said Caray has been an inspiration for him.

“I would go back and watch some broadcasts and hear that distinctive voice. Hear how much emotion he brought to each game,” Segovia said. “His announcing wanted me to do the same thing. But be a voice for the people.”

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