After spring break, the Ball State men’s ultimate frisbee team travel to Indianapolis for the Indy Invite.  Since T-Town Throwdown, team captain Garrett Fuelling said the team has improved at practices this week.

“ I think we have been putting in the work at practices,” said Fuelling.  “We are  going to be better prepared to face higher caliber teams.”

In pool play on Saturday, the Wizardz will face Grand Valley State in the second game.

“Last year at Regionals we played them on Sunday and at that point, we had mentally checked out,” said Fuelling.  “This year, we will play more competitively against them.”

For this weekend, freshman handler Joe Overton might not play.

“We will have both Matthew Hentz and Tim Perkey at this tournament,” said Fuelling.  “Those two guys will step up and give us some handler positions.”


For this weekend, freshman Thomas Smith and sophomore Colby Parker are two players to watch for this weekend.

Smith, at the T-Town tournament, had a 90 catching percentage.  But Fuelling wants Smith to play more defensive points.

“ He played pretty well at T-Town and hopefully he can earn himself more playing time,” said Fuelling.

In practices this week, Smith said he has been working hard on defense.

“I focus on staying on my guy and not giving up when he is too far away,” said Smith.  “I just keep an eye on the disc and my guy.”

For Parker this weekend, he is going to play more offensive points.  Fuelling said that Parker is going to see more playing time this weekend.

“He comes to every practice and does not make any mental mistakes,” said Fuelling.

At practices this week, Parker feels more confident with his throws.  Parker said he has been working on his strike throws the most.

“Those throws were my worst at T-Town,” said Parker.  “But after practices, I feel more confident with those throws.”

The first game starts at 9 a.m. against IUPUI.

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