The Ball State men’s Ultimate Frisbee team return for another competitive season.  Last year the team had finished 14th in Regionals.  This year, the team has 16 rookies and 11 veterans, according to

Sophomore captain Nik Risser said he wants to see the rookies step up.

“We have a lot of rookies, so I expect them to really get better this season,” said Risser.  “I do not expect efficiency right off the bat, but for the next couple years I want to see improvement.”

Out of this youthful team, junior captain Garrett Fuelling said he expects two rookies to stand out.

“We have Justin Hess, who is our deep threat and knows what he is doing,” said Fuelling.  “And Jaden Jarrett.  He [Jaden] is an athlete and has throws and wants to play.  Those two players will get a lot of playing time as rookies.”

Risser would agree with Jarret being a standout rookie.  Risser said he would add freshmen, Noah Pumphrey and Jullian Thomas, too.

“Also Colby Parker will be a standout player,” said Risser.  “We have a good athletic team this year.”

To prepare for this season, freshman Justin Hess has been doing running workouts.  Hess said it goes back to his high school days.

“I ran cross country and track in high school,” said Hess.  “Also, I have been working out in the gym.”

Hess said that these workouts have helped his endurance.

“I’m basically a cutter,” said Hess.  “If I tire out my opponent, then that means I get more open looks.”

Senior Will Hanna has been rock climbing with Fuelling.

“Rock climbing just works on the range of motion and reach,” said Hanna.

Hanna is returning for his fifth year for the team.  He said he looks to be more of a role player.

“I’m letting the freshies run their little legs off,” said Hanna.  “I hope I would be the swing and throw the disc up the field.”

Junior Trent Schroeder said he is going to be more of a team leader.

“I will try and set myself as an example and be more influential for everyone,” said Schroeder.

On the field, Schroeder said his strengths would be awareness of the field and understanding the game.

“I might not be more physically quick and strong as everyone else, but I can understand how the game works,” said Schroeder.  “I just have had more years playing than others.”

Since this is Hanna’s last season, he said that he hopes the season goes great.

“Our freshmen are going to grow a lot this year,” said Hanna.  “We will surprise some people and receive some recognition from outside schools.”

The first tournament is on Feb.11-12 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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