Day 4 on Ocracoke Island

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I slept in until 8:30 a.m, and went upstairs to heat up a cinnamon roll and eat it. I had bought the cinnamon roll yesterday at the coffeehouse.

My mom had gone running at 10:20. I didn’t go because we (the parental unit and I) were going kayak later on.

At 11:50, we went kayaking and we had docked at Parkers Creek. While kayaking, I took some photos of various animals. One of them was a dead sturgeon fish, which had washed up after a bad storm from last week. Some of it still remained and it smelled of death. I would categorize the smell of death like when you leave milk out for two weeks.

We got back to the dock at 1:45 p.m. and headed home. At home, I decided to take an outdoor shower.

From around 2:30-7:00, we lounged around the house. During this time, my sister was napping, while my parents were reading and running errands. I was watching the end of a Mumford & Sons concert on YouTube and finished reading my Phil Collins memoir book. This book was good and I advise everyone to read it if you like to listen to his music.

At around 7, we walked to Howard’s Pub for dinner. After dinner, we played foosball on their foosball tables on the outside patio. The girls won, 5-4, but it was a close one. I had most of the goals on my side.

After coming home, we played three games of Uno. My dad won the first two games, while my mom won the last one. Then, I went to bed at 10:30.

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