Day 3 on Ocracoke Island

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Today I woke up around 8:20 a.m. and went upstairs. I continued working on The Serpent, until 10.

At 10, my mom and I decided to visit the injured seagull from yesterday. My mom said that she observed him near the end of the harbor at the west side of the island. Sal (the seagull) was not there.

After looking for Sal for an hour or so, we biked to the coffeehouse. Then, we traveled back to our house after we received our food to go.

After eating my breakfast, my sister and I gave our mom her Mother’s Day gifts. Yeah, I know the day was on Sunday, but when your on vacation, you lose track of which day is which.

After the gift giving, my mom and dad went about town doing various errands. While they were gone, my sister and I stayed inside the house. I watched last night’s episode of Gotham and Autumn read.

My parents returned and we stayed at the house until 5 p.m. At that time, we went to the beach. We put our swimsuits on, unlike Sunday’s adventure to the beach. Brandi came with us to the beach.

At the beach, I was the only one who got into the water. The rest of the family watched from the side. I don’t know why my parental unit didn’t get in, but my sister was afraid of sharks.

We stayed there for two hours and went home. I took an outside shower and went back inside to download the day’s photos to my computer. My dad had prepared crab and shrimps enchiladas. This meal was good.

After eating we watched two episodes of the Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Then, I went to bed.

*All photos taken by Susan Murphy, except for the family portrait*

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