Day 2 on Ocracoke Island

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Today, I slept til 9 a.m. I went upstairs to see my dad and mom. My mom and I decided to go for a run.

The running route was to the Heart’s Desire (around the neighborhood it was in) and back. I don’t know how many miles it was, but I ran for (16:27). Then, after resting for four minutes, I decided to do two sprints. The first sprint was run at 33.37 seconds, while the second one was at 30.15. I didn’t measure the length of the sprint, but I guess it might have been 50 yards or so.

I took a shower and got dressed. My parents and sister decided to go kayaking. I wanted to but decided not to since I already exercised.

During the time they were gone, I went to Edwardo’s, which is a small Mexican truck, next to the Variety Grocery store. I carried my delicious burrito home and watched some Youtube videos and work on The Serpent.

My parents and sister came back, but not after getting me out of the house for a photo opportunity.

After they came back, we vegged and relaxed.  I finished typing Chapter 10 of The Serpent, during this time.

Then, my parents went to Zillie’s to drink alcohol and get dinner. My sister and I stayed at the house. I watched Youtube videos and relaxed.

My parents drove to Thai Moon and we ate around 8 p.m. After dinner, we played Euchre. It was very competitive and close throughout. But in the end, the girls won (10-8). Nevertheless, my dad and I will kick their butt sometime later in the vacation.

After Euchre, we watched one episode of Last Night with John Oliver.

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