Day 1 at Ocracoke Island, NC. (May 14, 2017)

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On the first day (May 14), I had decided to go Mother’s Day shopping at a local coffee-house at 9 a.m. in town. I had ridden my bike to it.

I went to it and bought my mom a mug and shirt. After paying for my gifts, I decided to set my bike helmet down on a bench, but then knocked it over. After I picked it up, I went on my way. Little did I know, my sunglasses were missing.

After I shopped for my mom, the rest of the day I decided to relax at the house. This year, different from past years, my family and I decided to live in the Fried Ocra. The Heart’s Desire, the previous house that we stayed in while on vacation here, didn’t allow dogs. This year, we brought both Newman and Brandi on vacation. I went back, the rest of my family decided to loaf around and not do anything

At around 3 p.m., my family and I decided to drive to the beach in our blue truck. The dogs came with us.

After about 10-15 minutes, we had arrived at the beach. There were not a lot of cars, where we had parked.

My mom (Susan) decided to walk her dog (Newman), while my dad (Todd) walked Brandi. My sister (Autumn) and I walked without a pet, given we only brought two dogs.

Brandi was happy to walk around on the beach, while Newman was a mixture between happy and nervous. Newman is not too keen being around different humans. I guess it is just something that is inside his head. I don’t really know.

On the way back from the walk, Brandi and Newman spotted a carapace (shell) of an Atlantic horseshoe crab. Brandi was more interested than Newman. There was no horseshoe crab in it, though.

After walking on the beach for an hour, to go home. But I had suddenly realized that I didn’t have my sunglasses. So my dad (I’m thankful he drove back) went to the coffeehouse that I lost them. The coffeehouse was closed when we got there, but my sunglasses were in-between two benches.

Outside the coffeehouse, my dad had found a piece of a tree. He began to hit the sunglasses, which were too far away from my reach. There was an openside and he started to hit them towards it. My sunglasses came out and I was a happy camper!

We drove home and began to prepare dinner for tonight. Tonight’s dinner special, which I helped to prepare, was Shrimp and Scallops on Linguine pasta with pasta cream.  We started to eat it at 7:45. In my opinion, it tasted really good!

After dinner, I helped clean the tan oak kitchen table for a board game. We decided to play Sorry. In the game, I was green, my dad was red, my mom blue, and sister yellow. In the end, my sister had won the game. It was a close one all throughout.

After our rousing game of Sorry, we watched The Secret Life of Pets. It was a good movie, even though I had seen it before.

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