On a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, Ball State students basked and studied outside, near the Frog Baby statue. Until a street preacher came to preach. The university police was called, but no arrest was made on this preacher.

Instead, the police allowed him to speak, which is under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Freshman Alex Perry, a computer science major,  said he doesn’t like his style of preaching.

“There is a lot of scripture that conflicts with street preaching,” Perry said.

An example from this scripture, referring to the King James version Holy Bible, is one of Perry’s favorites: Mathew 7: Verse 6.

“‘Do not give dogs what is holy; do not throw your pearls before swine,’” Perry quoted. “That is to say, rough translation, that if you had the holy word of God, you shouldn’t put it before people who are just going to cast it down.”

Perry said he doesn’t agree with street preaching. Rather, he wants to go back to public forums.

“Where people would all come together and just talk about this kind of thing,” Perry said.

With street preaching, Perry said he doesn’t want to condemn it.

“I believe that it is definitely our right to speak in a public forum like this,” Perry said. “And if he wants to get up there and say that, then that is his right.”

Freshman Olivia Hovermale, a psychology major, would agree with Perry.

“I mean it’s a public campus. He has free speech. If he wants to say what he wants to say, who am I to tell him no,” Hovermale said.

For street preaching, Hovermale said it is his legal right to talk.

“It is also my legal right to dispute what he is saying,” Hovermale said. “And he is only making it more difficult for other people to talk to people about religion by what he is doing.”


Logan Hancock, a local resident of Muncie, came with a blue box and preached to college students. Hancock does this for people to know Jesus Christ.

“And to be saved and to walk righteously,” Hancock said. “I want sin to basically be abolished from the world.”

But it is hard to abolish sin, because it’s everywhere.

“I truly believe that we all have free will and we can make the decision to not sin and through Jesus Christ,” Hancock said. “You can turn away from sin and do the things that our mind was programed to do.”

Through his life, Hancock has been touched by JC. Hancock said JC has changed his entire life.

“And when he touched my life, when I realized that I was living in sin, when I was selfish, I got saved and heard the true Gospel for the first time,” Hancock said.

Hancock is going to be moving to Huntington, which is 50 minutes away. There he is going to help people who struggle with substances.

“I will be doing some ministry work for God by helping people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol,” Hancock said. “I’m helping them get set free through Jesus Christ.”

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