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BY Patrick Murphy

WARSAW, KY — The smell of a roasted pig wafts through the fall crisp air and the blaring sound of music is heard.  Another year at the Murphy Farm, which was 23rd consecutive year.  This year, Kevin Murphy said that he used a fresh pig, instead of a frozen one.

“It was not frozen, which made it good,” said K. Murphy.

Mark Jones, one of the guys that helped with the pig on Friday night, said that they used an automatic spit.

“We have a motorized spit that put the pig on and it does it all by itself,” said Jones.

The spit rotates the pig so that the fire could heat it to the perfect temperature.  The pig was added to the spit on Friday night at 7:40 PM and was taken off on Saturday at 5:35 PM.  The pig stayed on the spit for 22 hours!

Jack Murphy, one of Kevin Murphy’s sons, said that they used a different burning technique from past years.

“Another good thing we did this year was a smoky fire, right at the beginning.  We used a very heavy wood (Hickory) this year, that might also have made the pig great,” said Jack.

Even with some variables in play from the weather, the pig still came out good this year.

“Everybody says it was pretty good, but I have to take that with a grain of salt, because they say that every year.  Some of the people that have eaten it a lot said it was the best we have ever had.  Everyone had a great time,” said Kevin.

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