By Patrick Murphy

MUNCIE, IN – On a clear sunny Wednesday morning, Michael Woroniecki was standing on the corner of Riverside and McKinley (Scramble Light), preaching to college students about one man: Jesus Christ.

“When I was 20 years old, I met Jesus Christ at a Catholic Charismatic Conference at Notre Dame.  I had no clue that this life is what it is, but I was willing to do whatever for Christ,” said Woroniecki.

Woroniecki and his wife (Leslie Woroniecki) have traveled to different universities, such as Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Central Michigan University, Pennsylvania State University, and many more universities.

“ I just care about you guys. I care that you guys should find Jesus.  He would rescue you from the lies of this world that tell you that your life is found and how much money you can make and what position you should achieve,” said Woroniecki.

During the summer, Michael and Leslie travel, with the money that they have saved, to South America.  In South America, they help in the orphanages, prisons, and homeless.  To obtain this money, Michael has to apply for different jobs.

“All over, where we can get jobs that pay good. We have been to New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.  I have worked at Home Depot & CVS or wherever,” said Woroniecki.

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